Whisky Fringe Tasting Tracker

Edit: For the 2012 tasting tracker, try here: www.wf2012.co.uk

I’ve always found keeping track of which drams I’d tried at the Whisky Fringe troublesome, juggling the pen, paper and tasting glass proving too much for my booze-addled senses come hour four. In a spare evening I threw together a quick site to track what I and a couple of friends had tasted over the course of the day.

The requirements were pretty simple:

  • List the whiskies available alphabetically (rather than by distillery as they are presented in the on-the-day guide booklet)
  • Let me track which ones I’ve tasted, particularly liked and particularly disliked
  • Work from my phone
  • After the event let me list only those whiskies that I liked or disliked

On a Linux host and with little time to learn anything new for the cause, the solution is a very simple PHP site backed by a MySql database and a flat list of whiskies to be tried. On the day it worked great, albeit with only a few people using it, and we came up with a few ideas to make it an actual thing for next year.

A simple UI for tracking whiskies on a mobile phone

Given that the time that an opinion was expressed was also recorded, it even allowed some rudimentary statistics to be calculated, which largely showed that we got a bit excited near the start and a bit desperate near the end.

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