On occasion I have an idea that I want to explore. On the assumption that I continue to have ideas in the face of the poisoning effects of fine single malts upon my neurons, I intend to document them here – whether or not the ideas are any good is frequently questionable.

Whisky Fringe Tasting Tracker

Keeping track of whisky whiskies you’re sampling over a four hour event would be tricky at the best of times, so I threw together a quick mobile-friendly site to record it all. Ordinarily I’d not consider it a project as such as I had assumed it would be a use-once-and-forget affair, but after some good feedback I intend to run it again next year and with luck on a slightly larger scale…

Pages from Pabfax

A Pages from Ceefax inspired RSS news reader showing the latest news, sport and business headlines from the BBC. For reasons best known to myself, it includes a hand-made sprite font rendered using the HTML5 canvas element and Javascript.

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