CDK S3 ‘BucketDeployment’ doesn’t have to be slow – increase its memoryLimit parameter

If you’re deploying a static site to Cloudfront via CDK, you might be using the BucketDeployment construct to combine shipping a folder to S3 and causing a Cloudfront invalidation.

Behind the scenes, BucketDeployment creates a custom resource, a Lambda, that wraps a call to the AWS SDK’s s3 cp command to move files from the CDK staging area to the target S3 bucket.

While that’s happening within AWS’s infrastructure, the speed of that copy depends very strongly on the amount of resources the Lambda has – just like any other Lambda, CPU and network bandwidth scale with the requested memory limit.

The default memory limit for the custom resource Lambda is 128MiB – which is the smallest Lambda you can get, and accordingly the performance of that copy might be terrible if you have a lot of files, or large files, to transfer.

I’d strongly recommend upping that limit to 2048MiB or higher. This radically improved upload performance on two applications I deploy, with the upload rate going from @=~700KiB/s to >10MiB/s – a 10x increase.

This has a negligible cost implication as this Lambda only runs during a deployment, so shouldn’t be running all too frequently anyway. However the performance improvement is potentially dramatic for complex apps. We saw one build go from ~280s uploading to S3 come down to ~45s – an 84% reduction in that deployment step’s execution time, and about a 15% reduction in the deployment time of that stack overall – just for changing one parameter.

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